I genuinely love telling stories and I’m lucky to be able to tell one everyday. At times that can be very frustrating but the good thing is you get to start all over again the next day. Below are some examples of stories that I’m the most proud of as a writer.

Since some of these were crafted for TV, there’s a visual component that goes along with them as well but I like to think that these can stand on their own just as an article.


July 17, 2018: While Schwarber praises Harper, Cubs fans see a conspiracy
Most people can agree, Monday night’s Home Run Derby was one of the most exciting and memorable events in recent All-Star Game history. Unless, of course, you’re a Chicago Cubs fan.

July 16, 2018: Has Prince William ever eaten a hotdog? An investigation
Small questions often elicit profound answers and so it was a day after the British Royal family released photos celebrating the christening of Prince Louis. The question: Has Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge and future king of England, ever had a hot dog?

April 2, 2018: As Howard student protests continue, alumni group backs president
“As Howard University students continue their occupation of the administration building on campus, the university’s alumni council announced its support for university President Wayne A.I. Frederick.”

March 14, 2018: Va. General Assembly will enter special session to tackle budge
“Virginia state lawmakers aim to finish work on the budget during a special session April 11 to avoid an unprecedented state government shutdown.”

March 5, 2018: Gen Z: What you should know about the post-millenial generation
“An entire generation of young people is making headlines through their activism, use of social media, diversity and demand to be heard. No, it’s not millennials; it’s Generation Z.”

August 4, 2017: Is the news stressing you out? You’re not alone
“In the span of just two weeks, the Trump administration has seen its communications director suggest the chief of staff should be under investigation, only to have that chief of staff resign and replaced with a new chief of staff who fired that communications director. Oh yeah, and there’s now a grand jury investigating whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia during the election.”

July 27, 2017: Working 9-to-5 to make a living? Not so much anymore
“Dolly Parton might have thought the 9-to-5 workday was all taking and no giving, but now it might be even worse as most workers think the 9-to-5 workday is a thing of the past.”


August 5, 2016: Rising costs of food allergy drugs a cause for grave concern with families
“It was just a normal Friday night in Lakeville as Erica Andert watched her kids jump up and down on the trampoline in their front yard…”
TEXT ONLY: Rising costs of food allergy drugs a cause for grave concern with families

July 17, 2016: What to expect at this year’s Republican Convention
“The days of smoke-filled rooms and backroom deals are, for the most part, long gone.”
TEXT ONLY: What to expect at this year’s Republican Convention

June 15, 2016: Layoffs are coming to Benton Harbor Schools
“After a meeting that lasted nearly five hours, the Benton Harbor School Board approved layoffs for more than 40 staff members, including 13 teachers.”
TEXT ONLY: Layoffs are coming to Benton Harbor Schools

September 30, 2015: EXCLUSIVE: Benton Harbor schools investigation
“Benton Harbor Area Schools has spent nearly $200,000 since launching an investigation into superintendent Leonard Seawood five months ago.”
TEXT ONLY: EXCLUSIVE: Benton Harbor schools investigation


October 8, 2013: Twilight for the South Side’s quiet hero
“After 15 seasons, 427 home runs, 2,200 hits and a key role on the team’s first World Series title in 88 years, Paul Konerko’s time with the Chicago White Sox might be coming to an end.”

October 15, 2013: Local businesses feeling effects of government shutdown
“The only sound coming from the food court at the Ralph H. Metcalfe Federal Building is the hum of the neon signs.”

October 22, 2013: 132 years later, Schaller’s Pump is still ‘a nice, happy place’
TEXT ONLY: 132 years later, Schaller’s Pump is still ‘a nice, happy place’
“In 1881, James Garfield was president of the United States, Carter Harrison Sr. was the mayor of Chicago and Schaller’s Pump opened for business at 37th and Halsted.”

October 23, 2013: It might cost more to watch ‘Mad Men’ in Chicago next year
“It might cost more to watch the final seasons of ‘Mad Men’ in Chicago. And ‘The Walking Dead.’ And ‘Duck Dynasty.’ And everything else on cable.”

October 30, 2013: The Ramova Grill is closed but it’s not gone
TEXT ONLY: The Ramova Grill is closed but it’s not gone
“The Ramova Grill lived at 35th and Halsted for more than 80 years. In some ways it was a typical blue collared neighborhood diner, famous for its chili and coffee.”

October 31, 2013: When the zombie apocalypse comes, the CDC is ready — and you can be too
“For all the criticisms that can be leveled against the federal government, lack of preparation for a zombie apocalypse isn’t one of them.”

November 6, 2013: Hoping that beautification leads to business along 95th Street
“Beverly is the home of the South Side Irish Parade, several historic and expensive homes, and an awful lot of vacant storefronts along 95th Street.”

November 19, 2013: Pope wants to hear from each Catholic about Church doctrine on social issues
TEXT ONLY: Pope wants to hear from each Catholic about Church doctrine on social issues
“The Roman Catholic Church is not an institution that is necessarily quick to change.”

November 26, 2013: The future of professional boxing is up against the ropes
TEXT ONLY: The future of professional boxing is up against the ropes
“Samuel Herrera is one of the more than 40 kids in the co-ed boxing club at De La Salle Institute in Bronzeville.”

December 4, 2013: Grab a Snickers, because the fight over pension reform is far from over
“After years of inaction, the Illinois General Assembly passed a bill that overhauls the state’s woefully underfunded pension system on Tuesday.”