What you can expect to find here

Since the goal of this website is to showcase my work, I suppose it makes sense to explain what exactly it is that I do. My title is “multimedia journalist,” and for anyone who is not in the industry that means I’m kind of like a reporter except I shoot and edit my own stuff. With the rapidly changing media landscape, being an MMJ or a reporter means doing more than just having a story ready for the 6 or 11 o’clock news. It means having a story ready for the web, having updates ready for social media, video for social media, etc. While all those forms share certain characteristics, a reporter needs to adapt their work to fit each medium. You can’t just assume that the story you wrote for TV will work by itself as an article on the web, you need to adapt it. This website will show some of the work I’ve done and readers can see how a story changes to fit its medium.